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Bill Sargent - Drummer

It's about music, drums & drumming!

 Bill Sargent Drums

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"Of all I do, drumming is my first love!

A drummer is WHO I am . . .

everything else is WHAT I do."

- Bill Sargent



West Allis ( Milwaukee ), Wisconsin ( WI ) USA

And yes, we have an airport that can get me anywhere!


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I started playing piano at 8 years old and switched to the drums at 10.

I began playing professionally at 13 years old and started full-time touring at 16.

I lead my first full-time band on the road when I was 19.

In 1976, I located in Milwaukee at age 22  and about 2 years later came off the road and began working full-time with a couple of primary bands and as a "hired gun" with about 30 other bands.

I was very fortunate to have the world-renown cornetist & vocalist, Bob Schulz, as my mentor and band director for my entire school life from Junior High School through my departure from high school. I also was mentored by Dr. James Latimer - University of Wisconsin and Pavel Burda - University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. My studies also included lessons with Dave Weckl, JR Robinson, Roy Knapp - "The Granddaddy of Percussion", Gary Gauger of "RIMS" fame, Casey Scheuerell, Franklin Else and Lance Haas.

I studied music full-time at UWM for about 3 years.

Bill Sargent Bands was founded on November 18, 1982.

For 7 years I served as Director of Drummers For Jesus - Wisconsin Chapter.

I have served on the Board of Directors of Unlimited Jazz LTD. I also served as the Charter Vice-President of Fundraising for the local Make-A-Wish Foundation. For the past several years and currently, I serve as the Chairman of MATC Music and Creative Arts Advisory Board.

My genres of music I play include Swing, Big Band, Jazz, Dixieland, Blues, Soul, Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Urban, Country, Bluegrass, Polka, Ethnic, Classical and Christian/Gospel.

I've done TV, Radio, Studios and am a proficient reader.

In addition to my performance schedule, I conduct drum clinics, drumming for worship clinics and seminars on various aspects of the music business and success as a musician.


SOME* Of The Bands & Artists I Have Or Do Perform With:

 52nd Street Jazz Band, The
 Aaron Wyler
 Aaron Young & Crowd Pleasers
 Air Command Orchestra, The
 Airmen Of Swing, The
 Al Anderson
 Al Dykstra
 Al Johnson
 Allan Johnson
 Anita Stemper
 Ann Denison
 Annette Griffin
 Art Davis
 Banjo Barons Ragtime Band, The
 Barbara Flanum (Barbara & Karousels)
 Barney Floyd
 Barrett Deems
 Ben Burkee
 Benny Ramos
 Big Irv Lampman
 Big Johnson & Delta Thrusters
 Big Johnson & Swing
 Big Tate & Million Dollar Blues Band
 Bill Busch, Pastor
 Bill Hanck
 Bill Martin
 Bill Odden
 Bill Rose
 Bill Sander's Basin Street Saloon Band
 Bill Sargent Big Band, The
 Bill Sargent Really Big Band, The
 Bill Sargent's Swing Kings
 Bill Sargent's Trad-Jazz Rousers Dixieland Band
 Bill Stavatski
 Bill Stone
 Billy & June Spaulding
 Billy Johnson
 Bjøro Haaland
 Blue Casuals
 Bob Havens
 Bob Hirsh
 Bob Leary
 Bob Neighbor
 Bob Schulz
 Bob Schulz & Bill Sargent Reunion Band, The
 Bobby Burgess
 Bobby Gordon
 Bobby Lewis
 Bobby Roberts
 Brad Pregeant
 Brian Erickson
 Brian Lynch
 Brookfield Assembly of God Music Ministry, The
 Bryan Lynch
 Buddy Apfel
 Buddy DeFranco
 Buddy Morrow
 Buffalo Nichols
 Cardinal Trio
 Casey Kelly
 Catherine Maceda
 Cathi Hayes
 Charlie Spivak
 Chelsea Krombach
 Cheryl Thurston
 Chuck Berger
 Chuck Hedges
 Chuck Howard
 Chuck Might & Bluescasters
 City Of Hope CD Project, The
 Clyde McCoy
 Concertina Millie
 Conrad Johns
 Cudworth Legion Post Band, The
 Curt Hanrahan
 Dale DeVoe
 Dan Albrechtson
 Dan Dance
 Dan Nimmer
 Dan Schneck
 Dan Shapera
 Dan Wenig, Pastor
 Darryl Kennedy
 Dave Bany
 Dave Gannett
 Dave Hazeltine
 Dave Kennedy Orchestra, The
 Dave MacGregor
 Dave Rogers
 Dave Sullivan
 David Bennett
 David Hughlett
 David Kaap
 David Miller
 David Pitzo & Sound of War Drums
 David Seiler
 db Collective, The
 Dean Lea
 Dennis Klopfer
 Dennis Oliver's Madison Jazz Orchestra , The
 Dick "Doc" Westring
 Dick Eliot Trio, The
 Dick Jurgens Orchestra, The
 Dick Strauss Orchestra, The
 Dixie Doodlers, The
 Dizzy Dean
 Doc DeHaven
 Don Chesebro Quartet, The
 Don Grzanna
 Don Momblow
 Don Nedobeck's North Water Street Tavern Band
 Doug Hayes
 Downtowners, The
 Dr. James Latimer
 Drifters, The
 Drummers For Jesus Group, The
 Duane Sturmer
 Duane Thamm
 Ed Doemland
 Ed Franks
 Ed Polcer
 Ed Reed
 Ed Trudeau
 Ellen Winters
 Erock for Kids
 Everyday People
 Fabulous Feno & Last Tranzaction Band
 Frank Charles
 Frank Puzzullo
 Frank Vlasis
 Frankie Martinez
 Frankie Sabath
 Frontline Youth Choir (#1 in Nation - 2003)
 Gary Christensen
 Gary Church
 Gary Huckleberry
 Gary Kuckenbecker's Old Lager Dance Band
 Gary Meisner
 Gaylord Lemke, Pastor
 Gene Bolen
 Geoffrey Simon
 George Prichett
 George Welland
 Gert Stemper
 Glenn Davis
 Gloria Miller
 Gordy Lofgren
 Grant Krueger
 Greg Lathe, Pastor
 Guy Fiorenza
 Guy Goodlad
 Gypsy Hombres
 Hales Corners Lutheran Church Choir & Praise Team, The
 Hank Magayne
 Harold Miller
 Harold Steinbach
 Harry Kozlowski
 Hattish Alexander
 Heinie Beau
 Henry Cuesta
 Herb Draeger
 Herbie Stark
 Heritage Christian School Pep Band, The
 High Country
 Highlanders, The
 Hillside Fellowship
 Howard Luedtke
 Howard Schneider Orchestra, The
 Hugh Allison
 Immanuel Lutheran Church Contemporary Praise Band
 Ink Spots
 Ivan Fleming
 Jack Grassel
 Jack Hannah
 Jack Plovannich
 Jackie Allen
 Jackson Dordel
 Jakula Blues Band
 James Moody
 Jan Garber Orchestra, The
 Jasper Buchanan
 Jeff Chase
 Jeff Hamann
 Jeff Pietrangelo
 Jeff Stoll
 Jeff WinardBob Lorenz
 Jerry Blake Orchestra, The
 Jerry Grillo
 Jerry Krahn
 Jerry Martin
 Jerry Steuber
 Jesse Hauck
 Jill Jensen
 Jim Cullum Jazz Band, The
 Jim Kishline
 Jim Petrick
 Jim Schwall
 Jim Vigue
 Jimi Holsinger
 Jimmy Damon
 Jimmy Duffy
 Jimmy Hatzi
 Jimmy Johnson
 Jo Ann Castle
 Joan Seele
 Joe Alme Big Band
 Joe Hopkins
 Joe Lulloff
 Joey Cross
 John 3:16
 John Bany
 John Conqueroo
 John Cooper
 John Davis, Pastor
 John Gibson
 John Knurr
 John Krempasky
 John Mehne
 John Parrott
 Johnny Persa
 Jolly Hi-Fis, The
 Jon Bauman "Bowzer" from Sha-Na-Na & Stingrays
 Jon Lawson, Pastor
 Jon Weber
 Jordan Baskin
 Justmann Band
 Karl's Country Dutchmen
 Karolyn Kafer
 Kaye Berigan
 Ken Accardi
 Ken Kilian Swingtet, The
 Ken Kilian's "Saxtet Plus" Big Band
 Kenneth Caldwell
 Kerry Christensen
 Koenig Brothers, The
 Kristi Northrup
 LaMar Boschman
 LaMar Boschman
 Larry Bach
 Larry Hart
 Larry Lange
 Larry Moore
 Larry Tresp
 LB & U-Turns
 Leah Durelle
 Lee Burrows
 Lee Gates
 Lee Richardson
 Leningrad Dixieland Band, The
 Leslie Ellis
 Lin Biviano
 Lloyd Pedersen Show, The
 Lois Whitlock
 Louis Bashell
 Mama Digdown's Brass Junction
 Manty Ellis
 Marilyn Larson
 Mark Davis
 Mark Shane
 Marsha Headley, Pastor
 Martha Artis
 Marvin Stamm
 Matt Buchman
 Mayor Henry Maier
 Mel Rhyne
 Mike Britz
 Mike Campbell
 Mike Drake
 Mike Plog
 Mike Sullivan
 Milwaukee Bucks Band, The
 Milwaukee Ethnic Band, The
 Milwaukee Metropolitan Voices, The
 Minot State University Pep Band, The
 Mitch Biba
 Modjeska First Rate Youth Theatre, The
 Nick Contorno
 Olu Sijuwade
 One Heart
 Parklawn Assembly Of God Praise Band, The
 Pat Crawford & Dave Braun Combo, The
 Pat Mesiti
 Paul Ferrin
 Paul Ferrin
 Paul Filipowicz
 Paul Libman
 Paul Silbergleit
 Pavel Burda
 Phil Driscoll
 Radiant Church Worship Team - Colorado Springs
 Ralph Hutchinson
 Randy Ruiz
 Ray Brown
 Ray McKinley
 Ray Neuman Big Band, The
 Ray Tabs
 Rev. Al Townsend
 Rhonda Begos
 Richard Crabtree
 Richard Severing
 Richard Smith
 Richard Wolf
 Rick Holmes
 Rick Moore, Pastor
 Ritchie Cole
 River Cities Jazz
 Rob Moore
 Robert Allen Jr.
 Roger Pemberton
 Roman Hanes
 Ron DeVillers
 Ron Martinson
 Ron O's All-Star Band
 Ron Thielman
 Rory Hoffman
 Ross Ingram
 Ruben Ristrom
 Rudy Moroder
 Russ Morgan Orchestra, The
 Russell George
 Salzburg Express, The
 Sam Kidd
 Sam McCue
 Sam Steffke
 Sammy Armato
 Sandman & Repeat Offenders
 Scott Van Domelen
 Sensation Jazz Band
 Serious Jones
 Sherry Riley - "Miss Iowa"
 Sherwin Linton & Cotton Kings
 Shirelles, The
 Six Friars & A Monk
 Skip Crumby-Bey
 Skip Wagner
 Smokie Stover
 Snoopy's Swingers
 Sofa KingsBaloozin', The
 Spiral Staircase, The
 St. Leo's Catholic Church Choir - Minot ND
 Steve Allen
 Steve Jensen
 Steve Lewandowski
 Steve Swedish Orchestra, The
 Stone Fingers
 Strings of Hope
 Sunset Playhouse, The
 Swedish Culture Club, The
 Sweetbriar Jam
 Swing Crew, The
 Swing Nouveau
 Swingin' Jumpcats, The
 Swingin' Kools, The
 Terry Blaine & New York City All-Stars
 Thomas Dvorak
 Thomas Sandborn
 Tim Bell
 Todd Hoffmeister
 Tod Konrad Orchestra , The
 Tom Artin
 Tom Baker
 Tom Bartlett
 Tom Green
 Tom Hook
 Tom McGirr
 Tom Netherton
 Tom Newburg
 Tom Sorce
 Tom Zovar
 Tommy Grewolf
 Tommy Griffith
 Tommy Justice
 Tommy Schlueter
 Tommy Sheridan
 Tony Galante
 UWM Jazz Ensemble, The
 UWM Percussion Ensemble, The
 UWM Symphony, The
 UWM Wind Ensemble, The
 Victory International Fellowship Music Ministry, The
 Vince Giordano
 Warren Wiegratz
 Wayne Thornton
 West Layton Assembly of God Praise Band, The
 Williams & Ree
 Willie Higgins
 Willie Pickens
 Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra, The
 Wisconsin Youth Symphony Percussion Ensemble, The
 World Harvest Prayer Church

*This is NOT a complete list.



 I currently serve in the Music Ministry at Victory International Fellowship.


♫ ♫ ♫




I continue to perform as a "hired gun", working with name bands,
doing cruises, concerts and substitute work for top drummers.


I am available as a clinician for drum clinics, drumming for worship clinics,
as well as seminars on the music business and success as a musician.


♫ ♫ ♫



For more information, availability and bookings,

414 - 777 - 0100

(In Northern Wisconsin, phone 715 - 453 - 5533)


Email Me



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